[Development] Plans of platforms in the CI and released binaries

Friedemann Kleint Friedemann.Kleint at qt.io
Fri Jan 3 15:27:45 CET 2020


for Win32, my 2c would be:

- As already stated at 
https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qt5/+/285317 , we still need 
Windows 7  since as it stands today, it will still be supported (for 
some time) in Qt 6. Since it is very easy to break it by using some 
too-new API (especially in the light of RHI), this needs to be tested in 
some form

- For static builds, it seems that -static , -static-runtime now works 
with MSVC2019, so, from the Win32 perspective, there is no need to keep  
MS 2015?

- Clang should be clang 8 or 9, clang-cl preferably

Friedemann Kleint

Friedemann Kleint

The Qt Company GmbH

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