[Development] Plans of platforms in the CI and released binaries

Friedemann Kleint Friedemann.Kleint at qt.io
Mon Jan 6 09:28:52 CET 2020


 > I did not know about ticket 
https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-74687 where discussions about 
Windows 7 in Qt6 have been discussed. Nor did apparently no one else in 
our meetings, > since we were not told about those discussions.

Neither did we know that you were making plans when discussing this ... ;-)

 > So without anyone really responding to this thread, am I still to 
understand that you wish to have Windows 7 in Qt 5.15 CI? (and even if I 
get 2 replies that say “hell yeah”, those 2 might be the only 2 people 
in the world using that 😝)

Hell, yeah,  in 5.15 at least until RHI is stable...



Friedemann Kleint
The Qt Company GmbH

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