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Benjamin TERRIER b.terrier at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 17:27:18 CET 2020

My understanding of the agreement between The Qt Company and the KDE Free
Qt Foundation is that if the Qt Company
releases a commercial Qt version without releasing the corresponding
open-source version within 12 months, the ownership of Qt will be
to the KDE Free Qt Foundation under a BSD license. (section 3.(ii)).

I am pretty sure a source only release would be enough. So I bet that the
LTS branches will be public, but we will not have a binary release through
the installer.

Le lun. 27 janv. 2020 à 17:17, Bogdan Vatra via Development <
development at qt-project.org> a écrit :

> Hi Lars,
> În ziua de luni, 27 ianuarie 2020, la 16:34:44 EET, Lars Knoll a scris:
> > Hi all,
> [...]
> >
> > One is a change in policy regarding the LTS releases, where the LTS part
> of
> > a release is in the future going to be restricted to commercial
> customers.
> > All bug fixes will (as agreed on the Qt Contributor Summit) go into dev
> > first.
>   I was at the Qt Contributor Summit, and I can swear that I not heard
> anything about LTS being restricted to commercial customers...
> Just to be crystal clear, will you close also the branches?
> What will happen if I want to fix something in one of these LTS branches?
> > Backporting bug fixes is something that the Qt Company will take
> > care of for these LTS branches. We’ve seen over the past that LTS support
> > is something mainly required by large companies, and should hopefully
> help
> > us get some more commercial support for developing Qt further.
> I bet you the following scenario will happen soon:
> - someone will fork Qt LTS (most probably immediately after you closed
> these
> branches, if not even sooner)
> - the community will continue to support that fork as it's open, with
> improvements, bug fixes, security patches, etc.
> - you'll not get these patches as they are not contributed via your
> gerrit...
> > None of these changes should affect how Qt is being developed. There
> won’t
> > be any changes to Open Governance or the open development model.
>  If the qt5 branches will NOT be closed, then yes, you are right, if they
> will
> be closed then, I'm afraid, your statement can't stand...
> Cheers,
> BogDan.
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