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Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Mon Jan 27 17:43:35 CET 2020

On 27/01/2020 17:25, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> The development model where changes go to dev first was indeed a topic
> of discussion at the Qt Contributor Summit.
> This also means that all security fixes will see the light of day on the
> dev branch first, in public, in Gerrit.

Some other remark (and please substitute 5.15 / 6 with "latest LTS" and 
"dev" at your discretion; of course 5.15 is going to be a particular 
pain point being the last in the 5 series, so I expect people to be 
using it for a very long time).

1) This means there will be exactly zero incentive from 3rd parties at 
fixing bugs only present in Qt 5(.15) and not in Qt 6; or, similarly, to 
put effort in producing a cherry pick from Qt 6.x to 5.15 (but Lars said 
that TQC will be in charge of this), *especially* if they're not using 
Qt 6 yet.

2) It also means that someone pushing a bugfix against 5.15 for a bug 
that also affects 6.x will see that patch rejected (-2) as it would be 
in violation of the Qt policy. Again it won't matter if they're not 
using Qt 6 and can't care about it.

3) Speaking of which, is the plan to effectively fork 5.15 when it 
switches to commercial-only, and have a private TQC 5.15 branch, where 
TQC will do the cherry-picking and release from? Will the public branch 
/ releases be closed? In other words: what are the practicalities for 
all of this?

4) What's the policy for very important bugfixes targeting 5.15 after it 
has switched to commercial only? Will a new open source release be made? 
Will an official patch be provided? Where? By whom?


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