[Development] Changes to Qt offering

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 28 17:07:32 CET 2020

On 27/01/20 17:34, Lars Knoll wrote:
> The Qt Company has done some adjustments to the Qt will be offered in the future. Please check out https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-offering-changes-2020 . 
> None of these changes should affect how Qt is being developed. There won’t be any changes to Open Governance or the open development model.

But it will discourage contributions, and encourage competition from
other Qt consulting companies (I've written more on that here:

If you wanted more paying customers you should have tried with the
carrot, not with the stick: offer free or discounted licences to people
contributing to Qt, to open source projects using it, and diversify your
commercial offering to make it more accessible to small developers (this
last point you tried, but it's still something a lone developer is
unlikely to be able to afford).


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