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Wed Jan 29 08:20:11 CET 2020

Den ons 29 jan. 2020 kl 06:46 skrev Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira at intel.com>:
> On Tuesday, 28 January 2020 21:03:49 PST André Somers wrote:
> > On 29/01/2020 04:27, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > > So you're advocating being acquired by a bigger company that has a
> > > different business and regards Qt only as a means to an end?
> > >
> > > Can you spell "Nokia" ?
> >
> > Can you explain what was so bad about the Nokia period (well, before the
> > burning platform Elop...)? I remember it as a period where a lot of good
> > things happened for Qt actually.
> The end of it (burning platform, Elop). Big companies with deep pockets are
> good for you... while they last. Then people get reassigned without notice,
> departments get laid off, sites in high-cost countries get closed. And medium-
> sized companies can get acquired.
> The moment they change strategy, the project you're working on and depending
> on can be left to the roadside. Just go to the GitHub organisation page of any
> big company (including the one I work for) and you can find hundreds of open
> source projects that aren't being updated any more. Heck, at github.com/intel
> you're going to find multiple EOLed projects for the same objective!
> I admire Ktiware and their commitment to CMake, but Qt is at least two orders
> of magnitude more complex than CMake. I doubt the same model would work.

Just want to add here: Even if CMake is probably the Kitware project
with the largest number of users if counting developers, I don't think
it's their flagship product. That would be the VTK framework (2500
classes, 1 MLoC) and associated libraries/applications (ParaView, CTK,
...). I think Kitware makes most of its money doing
consulting/projects using those libraries for
medical/defense/research/HPC. CMake just sort of fell out from their
development process. So CMake is not the central part to their
business strategy I think. I think they also employ quite a big of
domain experts in the fields where they consult (i.e. it's not just
consulting as "VTK experts").

If there's a Kitwarer here please correct me if I'm wrong.


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