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Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
Wed Jan 29 12:28:21 CET 2020

" will the owners of a commercial license be given access to the branch? "

=> Yes. 



´╗┐On 29.1.2020, 13.21, "Giuseppe D'Angelo via Development" <development at qt-project.org> wrote:

    Il 29/01/20 11:02, Edward Welbourne ha scritto:
    > They'll be cherry-picked
    > from there to a (presumably) private branch (maybe on a private repo),
    > so you won't necessarily see the cherry-picked versions, only the dev
    > versions.  So any time the cherry-pick requires adaptation to the LTS,
    > those running the fork above would need to duplicate the adaptation.
    Thanks for the further clarifications. There's still plenty of 
    uncertainty in the above message, though (presumably, maybe, 
    necessarily), when are we going to know more about these details?
    Ultimately, it boils down to: will the 5.15 branch become private or not?
    On a similar issue: will the owners of a commercial license be given 
    access to the branch? (Will it become TQC private, or TQC+commercial 
    private?). The point being, will the commercial licensees know exactly 
    which patches (already landed on dev) have been cherry picked and when 
    (which release contains a given patch)?
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