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Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Thu Jan 30 00:48:49 CET 2020

Il 29/01/20 23:40, Filippo Cucchetto ha scritto:
> Let's be clear, here all people are just telling their own opinions
> (you too) and i'm not pretending
> to be correct. I've no proof but: first, the offer announced here is
> of 499$ thus not very different
> from the one i've stated, second i've pointed out another example
> (JetBrains tools) for a product
> used by developers with a reasonable price. Just to be clear i work
> for a company that pay for
> a commercial license thus i somewhat know the price.

Sorry to be "the one in the room", but: this is not the right place to 
discuss changes to Qt's commercial offering. This is the development 
mailing list: the list for the technical development of Qt.

I don't think Qt sales representatives read this mailing list at all 
(happy to be proven wrong), but anyhow, you should all raise these 
concerns and these ideas to _them_, not here.

With enough inputs of this sort, maybe your message will go through and 
we'll see more changes to the offering. Otherwise it's just wasted 
energy (in the sense that it will not make a difference because it's 
used in the wrong place, not that the message itself isn't sound).

My 2 c,
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