[Development] QProperty and library coding guide

Bernhard Lindner private at bernhard-lindner.de
Thu Jul 23 22:50:26 CEST 2020

> > Couldn't those subtle errors be replaced by some clear and understandable
> > error? Like some explicit binary compatibility check?
> Such a test does not exist, comprehensively. We can put a few common things in 
> an ABI marker,  like the size of QObject, the actual type qreal maps to, the 
> name of the C++ standard library we linked against, etc. But that won't catch 
> everything and it's the minor things that come back to bite you.
> Neither the ABI test by the Linux Foundation, nor abigail, nor our own tst_bic 
> are exhaustive. And they're way too slow for a regular run.

I thought of something like a simple, manually maintained ABI version. Sure, on the one
hand this wouldn't prevent uninentional BC breaks. On the other hand, BC changes could be
done intentionally and managed in a safe way (without strange crashes).

Best Regards,
Bernhard Lindner

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