[Development] PSA: New qt/qtqa "dev" branch created alongside master branch

Alexandru Croitor alexandru.croitor at qt.io
Fri Jun 12 12:46:30 CEST 2020


Long explanation. TL;DR below.

In order to enable CMake configurations for the qt/qtqa repo, I had to add a new Coin instruction module_config.yaml file to the master branch.

Unfortunately that broke all non-dev branch qt5.git integrations (5.12, 5.15) for a while, because we use the same master branch for all qt5.git integrations. That was reverted.

I decided to create a new qt/qtqa "dev" branch after some internal discussions, so that we can build qt/qtqa with cmake, without breaking 5.12, and 5.15 integrations.

So I created it. The intention would be to merge master into dev regularly.

We can probably get rid of master in the future once we don't do integrations for 5.x branches.

One issue that popped up is that the cherry-pick bot doesn't like pushes to master because there's a dev branch. We'll discuss how to fix this.


New "dev" branch in qt/qtqa repo. 
Push changes to master, they will be merged to dev.
Cherry-pick bot has issues with that at the moment, we will figure it out.

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