[Development] GitHub Pull requests

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Sat Mar 14 15:11:39 CET 2020

12.03.2020, 23:31, "Robert Löhning" <robert.loehning at qt.io>:
> Hi,
> after having worked in a project in GitHub for a couple of months now
> and seeing their CI from the user perspective, this sounds feasible to me.
> ...
> - the progress and results are comprehensible, you can look at the CI
> run just like you look at your local console window, in real time

My feeling about the last item is quite opposite:
* UI cuts long lines, when I wanted to check if specific compiler flag is actually in
use, and of course it was beyond "..."
* UI doesn't allow using built-in search of browser, and their search is really sluggish
* Overall experience is quite sluggish, even in Chrome - looks like this thing wasn't
meant to handle large logs efficiently. 
* When build finishes, and you need to check log of certain stage, UI forces you to
scroll its content from very beginning, loading lines incrementally

So, the only thing which really works is "raw log". It's approximately the same what
Coin provides to external users. The only benefit is that with GitHub Actions you
still can get an idea of overall progress of build, while in Coin you just have to wait
with fingers crossed.


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