[Development] Debian packaging from Git snapshots (qtsystems, qtfeedback, qtpim)

Lorn Potter lorn.potter at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 20:45:32 CET 2020


On 13/3/20 10:32 AM, Chris Adams wrote:
>      * qtsystems
>      * qtfeedback
>      * qtpim
> I am about to upload the first (qtsystems) to Debian and before doing
> that, I'd like to know, if these projects can be considered API/ABI
> stable or heavy changes are to be expected on these projects.

QtSystems is still in maintenance mode and no changes have been made to 
to upstream repo.

There are possibly fixes available in our projects repos for it, but I 
have not checked lately.

> On the other hand, would it be possible to get release tags for the
> above named repositories?

As officially 'unmaintained', these repos's do not get official release 
tags, nor versioning.

> Furthermore, do these projects need (more) upstream maintainers? If
> so, I'll be happy to poke people from UBports.com and bring up the
> issue there.

Always happy to a accept help/patches.

> Greetings!
> Mike Gabriel (aka sunweaver at debian.org <http://debian.org>)

Lorn Potter
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