[Development] GitHub Pull requests

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Sun Mar 15 08:30:21 CET 2020

> AppVeyor supports Linux, but they support Dot Net on Linux, which isn't 
> interesting. Travis does not support Windows (or didn't, last I checked).
> That means I need both to have the two to support three OSes.

Travis supports Windows. The machines are not fast, but it is usually enough.

> GitHub Actions didn't exist until last November. But it doesn't help
> right now because their Windows support does not come with Qt
> pre-installed, like AppVeyor's does. Building Qt, even if just a minimal
> QtCore and QtTest, just to unit-test TinyCBOR, is out of the question.
> Did you also read the part where I already spend half my yearly
> allocation of TinyCBOR just to maintain the .travis.yml file? Note how
> that's using apt-get to install Stephan Binner's builds of Qt for Ubuntu
> on Linux and Homebrew on Mac. Imagine having to *build* Qt, on Windows.

FWIW: We use Travis to build and test Qbs on all 3 major platforms and the
maintenance does not require much effort.


However, important features like sharing artifacts between stages are still
missing and reinstalling all dependencies every time is not always 100%
reliable. Although Travis is less popular these days, their UI is still the
tidiest I have seen and their open source offering (5 parallel executors) is
still very generous.

AppVeyor recently started advertising that VM images can be customized. I
have not tried it.

> That's why I asked last month (and still have no official reply) on how
> the Qt Company suggests we use Qt in public CIs, if the binary build is
> locked to Qt Accounts.

Do you seriously expect to get a reply? Are you a paying customer?


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