[Development] Debian packaging from Git snapshots (qtsystems, qtfeedback, qtpim)

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 16 07:25:55 CET 2020

On 13/03/20 03:32, Chris Adams wrote:
> Regarding maintainership: yes, for QtPIM at least it would be very
> beneficial if someone from UBPorts could commit significant time to
> QtPIM, as there are some open items there currently and unfortunately I
> don't have much capacity to spend on QtPIM at the moment.  Alberto
> Mardegan has done a lot of work in the QtPIM area previously, and might
> be a good candidate if his commitments allow...

I'm certainly willing to help, even though I'm not sure about how much
"significant time" is needed. On the other hand, looking through


it doesn't look like there's a huge amount of work needed. The problem I
see is that it looks like most of the meaningful changes (that is, with
API or behavioural changes) come from either you or me, so it would be
nice to have more reviewers involved, but I guess we have to live with
what we have. :-)


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