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+1. Going through the open bugs under 'Examples and Demos', it was clear that out of 149 items, only two fell clearly within the realm of documentation or documentation infrastructure, and all were better off with a specific module or area as a component. There's also the risk of critical issues not receiving immediate attention if they are discovered via an example and only reported against that component. We're better off without it.

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Subject: [Development] "Examples and demos" component in Jira (QTBUG project)

Hi all,

Documentation engineers are most often not the right assignee for example bugs, which end up going stale. I propose to retire the "Examples and demos” component.

Bugs in examples are often discovered during package testing, or soon after release of a new minor version. In most cases, documentation engineers are the wrong assignees for these issues. The QTBUG project requires that all components have a default assignee, and Jira chooses the default assignee for an issue from its components in alphabetical order. Thus, most issues reported against the “Examples and demos” component end up with the Qt Documentation Team as the assignee, even if the reporter or triage team adds the component the code belongs to. The result is that these issues often receive almost as little attention as if they had been without an assignee in the first place. They go stale.

I have discussed this problem with the documentation engineers and some of the R&D area leads in TQtC. We believe the component mostly provides meta-information. That can be achieved by other means that do not require a default assignee. Therefore, we think it’s best to retire the component. The Documentation Infrastructure team will triage all "examples and demos” bugs during this week, with the goal of assigning the correct components and/or teams/maintainers to these tasks. When all tasks are triaged, the component will be retired. This means it will not be available when creating a new issue, and it will not impact our archives.

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