[Development] Status of the QtFeedback module

Jonah BrĂ¼chert jbb at kaidan.im
Fri Apr 23 23:09:18 CEST 2021


I'm one of the people working on the Plasma Mobile project. We are using 
the QtFeedback module, and it would be very useful for us to have a 
release of the module, as packaging git snapshots is making life harder 
than necessary for packagers. I'm aware the module is currently not 
actively developed, but it is commonly used in other mobile user 
interfaces. Are there any plans for it?

If the Qt project is no longer interested in the module, we would 
consider developing it under the KDE umbrella. If you are also using the 
module, I'd be interested in which backend you are using, so we don't 
end up with multiple forks but ideally something like a KDE tier 1 
framework that anyone can use just like right now.



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