[Development] Qt 6 co-installability with Qt 5

Joerg Bornemann joerg.bornemann at qt.io
Mon Feb 15 10:18:16 CET 2021

On 2/12/21 8:28 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Friday, 12 February 2021 01:21:39 PST Joerg Bornemann wrote:
>> Each line of user_facing_tool_links.txt consists of the installation
>> path of a user-facing application followed by a space and the versioned
> To be clear:
> 1) the binaries from Qt company must also perform this step

Why? The installer doesn't place binaries into some shared system directory.

> 2) the documentation has to be updated to include the "6" at the end too

I disagree.

Qt's target audience can be split in two groups.

1. Experienced developers. And I don't even mean Qt-related experience. 
They're able to figure out to press TAB twice in the shell after typing 
just "designer<CR>" didn't have the desired effect.
It's likely, they've been exposed to python before, you know.

2. Inexperienced developers. They open their desktop search tool of 
choice and type in "designer", get (perhaps several) hit(s) and choose 
the right one. They don't even see the oh-so-confusing binary name.

Maybe you could elaborate why you deem this so important or point to 
some place in the documentation where we can see the danger of user 
confusion. Until then, my position is that we're arguing about a non-issue.



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