[Development] The sorry state of the Qt6 cross compile experience

Lorn Potter lorn.potter at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 00:51:23 CET 2021


On 23/2/21 9:27 PM, BogDan Vatra via Development wrote:
> - IMHO the qmake build files were removed prematurely ... they should be
> removed **after** cmake matched qmake.

Probably would agree with this, but meh, whatever, I'm agile.

> Having said that, I truly believe that cmake is a big step backwards.
> Am I the only one who's bother by all these things?

I would say a side step. All build systems are a pain in the posterior - 
buildroot, bitbake, tmake, qmake, cmake, whatever Android uses, whatever 
iOS uses... you name it, they all have their own issues. You don't want 
to know what was done to qmake to get it to build qtopia. :)

> We have a huge elephant in the room which nobody want to see it...

I guess it's a choice of an elephant or a whale.

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