[Development] The sorry state of the Qt6 cross compile experience

Dominik Holland dominik.holland at qt.io
Thu Feb 25 14:26:33 CET 2021

Am 2/25/21 um 12:23 PM schrieb Bogdan Vatra:
> Hi,
> În ziua de joi, 25 februarie 2021, la 12:40:30 EET, Dominik Holland a scris:
>> Hi,
>> Am 2/25/21 um 11:07 AM schrieb Bogdan Vatra:
>>> Hi,
>>> În ziua de miercuri, 24 februarie 2021, la 17:32:57 EET, Dominik Holland a
>>> scris:
>>>> Am 2/24/21 um 4:25 PM schrieb Joerg Bornemann:
>>>>> On 2/24/21 12:56 PM, Bogdan Vatra wrote:
>>>>>> Let me give you another non-android example:
>>>>>> You want to create a standalone SDK for linux armhf using yocto. You'll
>>>>>> generate the SDK with everything including Qt for host and for
>>>>>> target, the sdk
>>>>>> is a huge auto extract archive which can be shared with everyone. Can
>>>>>> this
>>>>>> archive contain only the Qt for the target? Nope because there is no
>>>>>> way to
>>>>>> know if and where the Qt for host is installed on everyone computers,
>>>>>> you also
>>>>>> need to know where the Qt for host it is in order to fix the
>>>>>> hardcoded paths.
>>>> Mhh, yocto builds both the host Qt and the target Qt and the SDK archive
>>>> will contain both Qt version. But this was already the case for Qt5 as
>>>> well. I don't think anything has changed here.
>>> Vanilla yocto does NOT add Qt 5 for host, same for buildroot!
>>> You probably mean that you're forcing yocto to add Qt 5 for host as well.
>>> Joust out of pure curiosity, what's the reason to add Qt 5 for host in the
>>> yocto SDK?
>> I'm not sure whether we are talking about the same thing here. But if
>> you create a proper yocto SDK you want it to be usable standalone.
>> Which means the host part of the yocto SDK contains the cross-compiler,
>> gdb and other other host tools you need for the cross-compilation.
>> This also includes the host-tools like qmake, moc, uic etc. as those are
>> needed for cross-compiling to be executed on the host.
>> Yes, whether those host tools are part of the created SDK is on you to
>> decide, but so far all yocto SDKs i have used so far ship the qt host
>> tools in the SDK as well.
>> Yocto also uses the same host vs target build concept Qt6 is using now
>> and for Qt5 yocto forced us to do the same thing as well, it's just
>> behind the scenes:
>>  qtbase-native.bb: Native Qt build
>>  qtbase(-target).bb: cross Qt build (using the moc, uic and friends from
>> the native build)
>>  qtbase-nativesdk.bb: Special nativesdk Qt build (Which provides the
>> tools shiped with the SDK, this is not the same as the native build, as
>> you could create a SDK for different target architecture e.g. mingw)
> I apologize, you're right. 
> I only checked if buildroot's SDK if is working and it has only one Qt copy, 
> which it has.
> Indeed the yocto minimal sdk (qt5-image:populate_sdk) does not add Qt5 tools 
> to host (for some reason it builds them for the target instead for the 
> host...).
> Sorry!

Nothing you need to apologize for ;-)

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