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Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Wed Jan 13 08:24:21 CET 2021

HI Evgeny,

Did you follow all the steps outlined by https://wiki.qt.io/Setting_up_Gerrit ? Please double check.

It is hard to determine what your problem might be if you do not provide a description of your problem. I am sure there is some error report somewhere.


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Hello everyone.
This is my first appearance here.

André Hartmann<https://bugreports.qt.io/secure/ViewProfile.jspa?name=aha_1980> recommended to write:

My problem is that I cannot do "git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/dev" and even cannot edit or add patches to already opened commits on codereview.qt-project.org.
But I was able to do it earlier.
I removed one of my emails added during registration. My current email is shtanov_evgenii at mail.ru<//e.mail.ru/compose/?mailto=mailto%3ashtanov_evgenii at mail.ru>
and I want to do commits signed with this email.

Evgeny Shtanov

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