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Tor Arne

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Am 1/13/21 um 1:19 PM schrieb Allan Sandfeld Jensen:

On Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2021 13:07:00 CET NIkolai Marchenko wrote:
that's ... kinda what you're supposed to avoid... at least as far as I
understand the convo earlier. so that two major versions aren't pushed to
the same repo confusing people.

I don't see any problems with that. It is how all the other modules are used.


Why not create a qt6 super repo, which host qt6 for now and just create
a alias qt.git which always points to the latest qt release.

Later this could point to a qt7 release. I guess we don't want to go
back to a monorepo, but we never know, so this would atleast help to not
block this road...


Let me make a more radical proposal:

+1 on all of the proposed.

Tor Arne
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