[Development] QtGamepad module and Qt 6

Andy Nichols Andy.Nichols at qt.io
Wed Mar 10 08:29:38 CET 2021

Hi Brad,

At least currently we haven't planned to port QtGamepad to Qt 6 yet. Couple reasons:
1) Time constraints, and QtGamepad is pretty low priority overall
2) It would be nice to take advantage of a major version to fix some API issues, so not rushing it out, and losing the chance to fix things
3) It contributes to the overall largess of Qt.  I'm not sure it even makes sense as something to ship with Qt by default.  It's an add-on for sure, but its more the kind of thing you would pull for github than something you would expect to come with Qt packages.  At the very least the new incarnation will like be distributed source only with Conan recipes.

I am the current maintainer (and original author) of QtGamepad.  I got no problem giving up the maintainership of QtGamepad if someone puts in the effort and work.  But that work needs to start first and show a serious commitment to getting it done before I would nominate them to be the new maintainer.

For the time being I'm willing to review all submissions to QtGamepad, including refactoring, and major changes, and promise to keep an open mind 😉

Andy Nichols

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Is the QtGamepad module planned to be included with Qt 6? I realize there have not been many commits to this module for a long time. If not, is there anything I can do to facilitate this? If the maintainer is no longer interested in this module, I would be willing to take it over. I already have a long list of improvements I would like to make.
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