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Wed Mar 10 10:33:00 CET 2021

Dear Community,

Qt for Python 6.0.2 is out!
As always you can get it through: pip install pyside6
or update it with a: pip install -U pyside6

You can read the changelog here:

Not many critical changes, but we are constantly polishing shiboken
and the generation of code, and documentation.
Additionally, there was a patch to properly handle boost headers
when generating bindings of code using it.

On the PySide aspect,
we have been pushing some updates to the documentation page
since the last release, and you might get more updates coming up soon.

Two highlights:

- We included a section for people new to Qt to clarify some concepts 
and details from Qt in: https://doc.qt.io/qtforpython/tutorials/index.html

- Due to the fact many people couldn't properly find the repository 
examples, we have a tool in place to show them here:

More things will come!
And as always, please share with us your concerns,
findings, and comments in general:


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