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On 19/05/2021 16:37, Andy Nichols wrote:

Rather than just move to another IRC server, we should really take this as an opportunity to move to another chat service as the official Qt Project chat. IRC has a terrible user experience and is not at all accessible for people who haven't been using it for decades like many of us. It does us a huge disservice when trying to attracting new contributors to point to our IRC. There are lots of better options out there now (which I see some of you on already), so lets move on already.

The mandatory question is always the same: which ones?

Do they have goals, policies, end-user agreements that are compatible
with a free software project? Do they have strong privacy requirements? Etc.

Matrix is a nice alternative. It's free software, with strong privacy
requirements (E2EE encryption for private chat and rooms, only need a user id + password
to register, ...). Also there is currently at least 7 clients written in Qt:
Nheko, NeoChat, Spectral, Quatermion, Kazv, Mirage and Fluffychat (Ubuntu touch edition).

Disclaimer: I'm a co-maintainer of one of the client listed above (NeoChat).

But which server then?  Should we run our own?  What if the admins don’t want to?  Maybe we should just use the KDE infrastructure?  Then I wonder if any changes there are on the way.
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