[Development] Renamed: Running a service for Qt community

Robert Löhning robert.loehning at qt.io
Thu May 20 20:14:20 CEST 2021

Am 20.05.21 um 17:16 schrieb Jason H:
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> I was there when Digia renamed themselves to the Qt Company*.
> (...)
> *if you wonder why I keep calling them Digia and not the Qt Company, it is because the actions of late don't really feel like Qt of old (Nokia, TrollTech) would have treated opens source users that way. Looking at the management: https://investors.qt.io/governance/management/ only 2 came from Nokia, the rest are from Digia or have been hired since. To me, this explains the change of behavior by Qt's controlling entity.
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Hi Jason,

without further comment, I feel the need to correct one 
misunderstanding: Digia did not rename themselves. What is now known as 
The Qt Company was a part of Digia for a period of time but is now a 
separate entity. Digia and The Qt Company both exist but are separate 


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