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Elvis Stansvik elvstone at gmail.com
Fri May 21 21:19:15 CEST 2021

Den fre 21 maj 2021 kl 20:25 skrev Giuseppe D'Angelo via Development
<development at qt-project.org>:
> On 21/05/2021 20:03, Tuukka Turunen wrote:
> >
> > Before simply voting for new irc provider, I would still prefer to have
> > the QtCS discussion on the topic.
> >
> > We should also discuss and define what is the intention / intentions of
> > the channels, because this can affect the choice.
> I am NOT proposing any changes of the current intentions, usages,
> administration, policies; just a mere move of the network. Any further
> discussion on the evolution of the online chat services can certainly
> happen at QtCS. Really, this thread blew completely out of scope. I'm
> pretty sure that if the whole Freenode thing didn't explode, no one
> would be discussing the point of "improving the Qt communities" (given
> no one has EVER raised that objection in the last, dunno, N years).
> Right now, the reality is that freenode is short-staffed, being rallied
> by spambots (which are not being stopped promptly because...
> short-staffed), and several people (including me) don't want to spend
> there one second more than necessary. A lot of big projects have already
> decided to move. For those who still care about IRC, waiting another
> month to get a decision is fundamentally a death sentence for those
> channels.
> > If it is for contributors to discuss with each other and release team
> > meetings it may be different than if intention is to discuss with Qt
> > users. For the latter purposes we should have a bit wider discussion and
> > also plan how to best link this to the needs of today. For the former we
> > should also consider how to attract new contributors, not only think
> > what works best for existing. That being important as well.
> >
> > Another important thing to note is that everyone developing Qt is now
> > pretty much focused in completing thing for Qt 6.2 FF. So now is not the
> > best time to plan how to develop the communication channels.
> And in fact I'm not asking for ANY change whatsoever, except for a
> network move. Then, keep exactly what we're doing today.
> If people can find the time to participate to Dev/Des, and are on IRC,
> they can find 10 minutes to express their preference on this matter.
> Even a failed vote is OK: it means Libera.Chat can release the block on
> the #qt* namespace, and the Qt community there can re-acquire and
> re-organize those channels.

I vote move to Libera.Chat, and also agree discussions about other
chat services should be held later.


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