[Development] Changes to Freenode's IRC

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Fri May 21 20:23:19 CEST 2021

On 21/05/2021 20:03, Tuukka Turunen wrote:
> Before simply voting for new irc provider, I would still prefer to have 
> the QtCS discussion on the topic.
> We should also discuss and define what is the intention / intentions of 
> the channels, because this can affect the choice.

I am NOT proposing any changes of the current intentions, usages, 
administration, policies; just a mere move of the network. Any further 
discussion on the evolution of the online chat services can certainly 
happen at QtCS. Really, this thread blew completely out of scope. I'm 
pretty sure that if the whole Freenode thing didn't explode, no one 
would be discussing the point of "improving the Qt communities" (given 
no one has EVER raised that objection in the last, dunno, N years).

Right now, the reality is that freenode is short-staffed, being rallied 
by spambots (which are not being stopped promptly because... 
short-staffed), and several people (including me) don't want to spend 
there one second more than necessary. A lot of big projects have already 
decided to move. For those who still care about IRC, waiting another 
month to get a decision is fundamentally a death sentence for those 

> If it is for contributors to discuss with each other and release team 
> meetings it may be different than if intention is to discuss with Qt 
> users. For the latter purposes we should have a bit wider discussion and 
> also plan how to best link this to the needs of today. For the former we 
> should also consider how to attract new contributors, not only think 
> what works best for existing. That being important as well.
> Another important thing to note is that everyone developing Qt is now 
> pretty much focused in completing thing for Qt 6.2 FF. So now is not the 
> best time to plan how to develop the communication channels.

And in fact I'm not asking for ANY change whatsoever, except for a 
network move. Then, keep exactly what we're doing today.
If people can find the time to participate to Dev/Des, and are on IRC, 
they can find 10 minutes to express their preference on this matter. 
Even a failed vote is OK: it means Libera.Chat can release the block on 
the #qt* namespace, and the Qt community there can re-acquire and 
re-organize those channels.

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