[Development] Implementing small SVG 1.1 features (as opposed to SVG Tiny 1.2)

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Wed Oct 13 11:58:18 CEST 2021

On 13/10/2021 11:43, Albert Astals Cid via Development wrote:
> I know this would be confusing as to being able to document exactly what QtSVG
> supports, but it seems to me that if we allow bit by bit small improvements we
> could eventually end up with more of the SVG specification supported, since it
> seems unlikely that someone will have the time to work on a "mega merge
> request" which implements all of the specification.
> What do you think?
> Should we allow some small features outside of the declared SVG Tiny 1.2
> support?

I'm not against in principle (liberal in what you accept, etc.etc.), but 
as you say, it's going to become a nightmare to document exactly what 
it's supported or not.

I'm also unsure about the practical usefulness of having "some" stuff 
outside a profile. Artists using Illustrator, Inkscape or similar 
applications cannot be expected to know exactly which SVG elements are 
generated and so if they're going to be OK or not. This leaves a huge 
grey area where things sometimes work, sometimes don't, and if they 
don't it's not a "bug" (Qt never claimed support for them) but a new 

To say the same differently: if I've got a SVG document, I can easily 
send it to W3C's validator and check if it's Tiny or not. If it's not, 
Qt is not expected to render it properly. If it is, Qt is expected to 
(it's a bug otherwise). If I've got a SVG Tiny+extra bits, how do I make 
sure that those bits are rendered correctly? I must give artists a "Qt 
viewer" or something like that. And if something is not rendered 
correctly, do I blame Qt or the artist for using something unsupported? 
How does the artist even know?

My 2 c,
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