[Development] Commercial-only 6.2 LTS phase starts: Closing the 6.2 branch(es) on 20th April

Tarja Sundqvist tarja.sundqvist at qt.io
Wed Apr 20 09:00:27 CEST 2022


With Qt 6.3.0 released and the first patch release (Qt 6.3.1) coming soon, it is time to enter the commercial-only LTS phase for Qt 6.2 LTS. All the existing 6.2 branches remain publicly visible, but they are closed for new commits and cherry-picks. The exception is the Qt WebEngine, which has a 3rd party LGPL dependency.

Closing happens today, 20th April 2022. After this, the cherry-picks go to another repository that will be available only for the commercial license holders. We will arrange repository access to the commercial license holders, so in addition to the official releases, it is possible to use the repositories.

The first commercial-only Qt 6.2.5 LTS patch release is planned to be released in May.

The external module maintainers that have access to the Qt 5.15 commercial-only repositories, will also have access to the Qt 6.2 commercial-only repositories. If you notice that you don't have access even if you should have, please contact me (tarja.sundqvist at qt.io) as I am the release manager for the commercial-only LTS releases.

Best regards,
Tarja Sundqvist
Release manager
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