[Development] Licensing of qtbase

Jörg Bornemann joerg.bornemann at qt.io
Tue Aug 2 11:19:11 CEST 2022

On 7/16/22 12:00, Felix Crazzolara wrote:

> I wanted now to write some CMake code to ensure that Qt is always and 
> entirely linked dynamically. For that purpose, I intended to iterate 
> through the target properties LINK_LIBRARIES and 
> INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES of Qt5::Widgets or Qt6::Widgets and check that 
> all dependencies resolve to shared libraries eventually.
> I have now two questions. First, is there some existing code in the Qt 
> code base that does what I want already?

There is code for that as part of the .pri file generation, but it's not 
ready to be used outside of its scope.  See QtPriHelpers.cmake for details.

> Secondly, I noticed that an interface dependency of Qt6::Widgets is 
> Qt6::CoreQt6::Gui and if I check whether Qt6::CoreQt6::Gui is a target 
> with "if (TARGET Qt::CoreQt6::Gui)", it turns out that it is not. This 
> confused me since it doesn't seem like a valid library name to me. How 
> can I resolve Qt6::CoreQt6::Gui to an absolute file path?

Qt6::CoreQt6::Gui looks wrong and should not appear as dependency.
Are you sure that this is not an artifact of your code that extracts the 



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