[Development] Using QtCreator for Qt development

Vladimir Belyavsky belyavskyv at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 09:01:41 CET 2022

Thanks everyone for the replies!

I've just tried what Eike suggested - on my Win machine just opened
CMakeLists.txt from Qt5 repo in Qt Creator and set up the Build Directory
to my own shadow build dir.
Hopefully I didn't have to reconfigure and rebuild Qt again. Later, on my
Mac, I will also try to set up and build Qt from scratch directly in
Creator as a normal CMake project.

It is still not clear to me if I can use AutoTest plugin to manage tests
and select them to run, I don't see any "Test panel" here (Qt Creator 9.0)
where the tests could be selected.
Meanwhile I've opened suggestion
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