[Development] Heads-UP: Proposal for Qt 6.4 milestones & schedules

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Thu Feb 10 11:53:48 CET 2022

Jani Heikkinen (3 February 2022 09:10) wrote:
> - Let's stop releasing the official alpha release and move to the beta
>   phase immediately after branching from 'dev'. Originally we had
>   'alpha' as a milestone after feature freeze where it is possible to
>   build Qt by yourself, but binaries are not yet available.

Prompted by reviewing a script change [0] to update an entry in
should change dev's version tag from "alpha1" to simply "alpha", since
there shall never be any other alpha state to need a numeric suffix.

[0] https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtqa/+/394498
    TL;DR: Conan uses the prerelease tag as a segment in its naming of
    generated packages, so we need to keep it up to date.

When 6.4 branches from dev, it'll initially thus be in alpha state; but
we'll change its tag to beta1 shortly thereafter; and mayhap later betas
before we branch 6.4.0 off it.  At that point, 6.4.0 keeps whatever beta
number it's reached, but 6.4 should revert to alpha, since it's 6.4.1's
alpha state, I suppose.  Subsequent release branches would switch to
beta1 as they branch off from 6.4, leaving 6.4 on alpha for the rest of
its days.

Does that match what you intend, Jani ?


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