[Development] Heads-UP: Proposal for Qt 6.4 milestones & schedules

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Fri Feb 11 12:57:45 CET 2022

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> Subject: Re: Heads-UP: Proposal for Qt 6.4 milestones & schedules
> Jani Heikkinen (3 February 2022 09:10) wrote:
> > - Let's stop releasing the official alpha release and move to the beta
> >   phase immediately after branching from 'dev'. Originally we had
> >   'alpha' as a milestone after feature freeze where it is possible to
> >   build Qt by yourself, but binaries are not yet available.
> Prompted by reviewing a script change [0] to update an entry in .cmake.conf,
> change dev's version tag from "alpha1" to simply "alpha", since there shall
> never be any other alpha state to need a numeric suffix.


> [0] https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtqa/+/394498
>     TL;DR: Conan uses the prerelease tag as a segment in its naming of
>     generated packages, so we need to keep it up to date.
> When 6.4 branches from dev, it'll initially thus be in alpha state; but we'll
> change its tag to beta1 shortly thereafter; and mayhap later betas before we
> branch 6.4.0 off it.  At that point, 6.4.0 keeps whatever beta number it's
> reached, but 6.4 should revert to alpha, since it's 6.4.1's alpha state, I
> suppose.  Subsequent release branches would switch to
> beta1 as they branch off from 6.4, leaving 6.4 on alpha for the rest of its days.
> Does that match what you intend, Jani ?

Partially yes. But stable branches ('6.4' etc) won't go back to the alpha or beta state at all anymore; alpha state is only in dev. And after .0 release 'QT_REPO_MODULE_PRERELEASE_VERSION_SEGMENT' will be empty in stable and release branches (like it has been nowadays as well)


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