[Development] Requesting forward BC exception for QtWaylandCompositor in 6.2 and 5.15

Marc Mutz marc.mutz at qt.io
Thu Feb 17 11:53:11 CET 2022

Hi Thiago,

> By the way, how often is this done? What's the exposure in the real world?

Does FTBFS of qtwayland count? 🙂 IOW: Clang and GCC found this one for me, I didn't look.

> The pre-6.3 implementation could be #if __cplusplus <= 20200000

Two comments:

  1.  possibly, with __cpp_impl_three_way_comparison instead (__cplusplus is unreliable), but
  2.  that brings up back to The Other Discussion™, about C++20 types in the ABI, which isn't really about C++20 types, after all, but about symbols only C++20 code would need/could use

I'm not sure where we left off on (2), but it's unlikely that anything we decide will be retroactively applied to Qt 6.2, isn't it?


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