[Development] Request qtquickdesigner-components as Qt 6 addon

Thomas Hartmann Thomas.Hartmann at qt.io
Thu May 5 16:23:41 CEST 2022


I would like to request the inclusion of a new module to Qt 6 as an add-on:

Name of the repository: qt-labs/qtquickdesigner-components
Description: Module for Qt Design Studio specific QML items
Responsible person: Thomas Hartmann
Gerrit user/email: thomas.hartmann at qt.io<mailto:thomas.hartmann at qt.io>

The module is already on gerrit and is in a mature state by now.
The qtquickdesigner-components are part of Qt Design Studio and are typically
used by projects created in Qt Design Studio.

I request adding the module to Qt 6 releases as an addon.

The module provides components that make it easier to create QML using tooling. This includes
easy-to-use geometrical shapes like Arc, Triangle, and Hexagon and a more powerful
rectangle. The module also contains the FlowView which makes it easy to define screen
transitions and it contains building blocks to define logic in declarative QML
and compatibilities items for Qt for MCU and Qt for Automotive.

Currently, developers have to build the module manually, if they want to build a Qt Design
Studio project against Qt. Having the qtquickdesigner-components as an add-on as part of Qt 6
would make their life easier.

Best Regards,
Thomas Hartmann

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