[Development] Nominating Jonas Karlsson as maintainer for Qt Quick 3D Physics (and consequently for approver status)

Andy Nichols Andy.Nichols at qt.io
Thu May 12 11:36:49 CEST 2022

+ 1 for the Maintainership of the Qt Quick3D Physics module.  Jonas has done a great job turning my very hacky code into something that is usable.  He has also been the driving force behind that effort, so I think it’s clear he is the right person to be the maintainer of the module.

+ 1 for Approver status as well, even though a maintainership likely already implies the necessary merits 😉 Jonas has a good eye in code reviews and is not afraid to push for the correct solutions.  His efforts so far have made Qt better, so he’s a good candidate for both the approver and maintainer roles.

Andy Nichols

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Subject: [Development] Nominating Jonas Karlsson as maintainer for Qt Quick 3D Physics (and consequently for approver status)
Jonas has been working for the Qt Company since April 2020, and we somehow forgot to nominate him for approver status before now. He has been working on the Qt Quick 3D module, as part of the Oslo graphics team.

His current project has been to turn Andy Nichols's proof-of-concept physics module (based on the Bullet engine) into a proper Qt module (based on Nvidia PhysX): Qt Quick 3D Physics (https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtquick3dphysics/+/410063). This module is planned to be released as a tech preview in Qt 6.4. The previous commit history can be found on https://git.qt.io/jokarlss/qtquick3dphysics
Jonas Karlsson / QtQuick3DPhysics<https://git.qt.io/jokarlss/qtquick3dphysics>
GitLab Community Edition

I therefore nominate Jonas as maintainer for Qt Quick 3D Physics. According to my interpretation of QUIP 2, this implies approver status, but to be on the safe side, I also explicitly nominate him as approver.

- Paul

(Not currently maintaining any modules, but since I still have maintainer status, I think I am able to nominate a maintainer)
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