[Development] New Chief Maintainer

Alexandru Croitor alexandru.croitor at qt.io
Fri May 20 10:12:03 CEST 2022

> On 18. May 2022, at 10:28, Lars Knoll <Lars.Knoll at qt.io> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As such, I won’t have too much time to spend with Qt in the future anymore, and will resign from my position as the Chief Maintainer because of that.

Thanks for your time and contributions!

> Either way, let’s see what other nominations we get.

I'd like to nominate Allan Sandfeld Jensen.

Allan is a full time employee at TQtC, is a maintainer, is very technical, working on things all the way from Core / Gui to WebEngine

He's been part of the Qt community for a while. He's also part of the KDE community, which will surely bring useful insight for chief maintainer-ship.

He is also very approachable and always happy to help.

I trust he has the right technical and people skills needed to be chief maintainer, will be pragmatic when needed, and will pursue the right direction if things get heated.


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