[Development] qsizetype

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Thu Sep 8 11:23:39 CEST 2022

Nicolas Fella wrote:
>> The fact that KDE does not use Qt6 yet has rather little to do with
>> the quality of Qt6.

Kevin Kofler (8 September 2022 01:37) replied:
> Where have I claimed that it does? I sense a strawman…
> My point is that it takes time for KDE and other downstreams to adopt
> a new major release of Qt, no matter the reason why it does, and that
> moving on to Qt 7 before or shortly after the downstream consumers are
> ported to Qt 6 would be very unhelpful.

Well, since you brought up the strawman, where exaactly did anyone claim
Qt 7 was in any sense so imminent that it'd be "before or shortly after"
KDE has upgraded to Qt 6 ?  Please do not mistake long-term planning for
an intent to release what we're planning any time soon.  I don't know
what the plans for the major version cycle currently are, but the
roadmap for the foreseeable future is all about continuing releases of
Qt 6.

The reason we plan for Qt 7 is that it's the next time we can make
certain kinds of backwards-incompatible changes.  When we decide that
such a change is needed, we plan for it, because we can't do it yet, or
indeed any time soon.


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