[Development] Do we need VS2019 for Qt 6.6?

Vladimir Minenko vladimir.minenko at qt.io
Thu Feb 2 16:38:26 CET 2023


I’m sorry to say, but from my perspective, this change cannot be done in 6.6. I think 6.7 is better. And this is why.

I just had a look at the anonymous telemetry data which is sent from Qt Creator. There is a setting for this where you can turn it on and off. So the below numbers cover only those users who use Qt Creator for builds and have telemetry on.

In 2022 and 2023, around 24M builds ran on Windows in around 600K unique installations worldwide which had at least 10 builds in this period of time. Not even a single one used MSVC2022. The most widely installed is MSVC2019 v29 followed by v28. Most installations (around 250K) are on Qt 6.2. Qt 5.15 has around 60K installations.

Statistically, it would be correct to conclude that none of the MSVC2022 users had turned telemetry on or that all MSVC2022 users use Visual Studio and not Qt Creator. But the above numbers are still telling us that we will disappoint a large number of users unlisting MSVC2019 from Qt 6.6. Yes, I was reading the beginning of this thread and I do know that the regular maintenance of MSVC2019 ends relatively soon. Still, it is hard to ignore these numbers.


On 30. Jan 2023, at 10:40, Allan Sandfeld Jensen <kde at carewolf.com> wrote:

On Montag, 30. Januar 2023 10:03:53 CET Giuseppe D'Angelo via Development
On 30/01/2023 09:07, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
I would add my support to removing it from 6.6, It would simplify the
continued updating of Chromium that is starting to depend on c++20
that doesn't work well in VS2019.

Out of curiosity, how does this interact with the plans of having
qtwebengine work with multiple Qt versions? E.g. should one ensure that
Qt 6.2 works fine in C++20 mode with MSVC 2022, if one wants to use
latest-QtWebEngine on 6.2?

So far the plan is that QtWebEngine will only work back to last LTS, so 6.6
will work with 6.5  and I think MSVC2019 and MSVC2022 are binary compatible?

Note we do not need C++20 in Qt in general. We have an interface boundary
between Chromium and Qt code using absl.

Best regards

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