[Development] Jira update on 3rd Janaury 2023

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Mon Jan 9 18:35:28 CET 2023

In response to
>> IMO everybody should only be able to modify their own comments.

André Hartmann (3 January 2023 17:02) replied:
> This is true for almost all cases; but I remember e.g. fixing links in
> other's comments to make further reader's life easier.

I also, not infrequently, improve formatting (e.g. wrapping output in
{noformat} or code in {code}) and fix typos where I believe this will
make it easier for (me and) others to read.  However, I have also on
occasion accidentally clicked the edit pen when I meant to write a new
comment, with problematic consequences (I think I put it back the way
it was, once I noticed ... but what if I did this and failed to notice ?)

> But that is such a rare thing that it should be hidden in a menu or so.

Putting it in a menu would also reduce the foot-gun risk.
And yes, the old icons were less intrusive, but I can live with the
buttons (although the fact that they're buttons close to the "Add
comment" one might increase the foot-gun risk.)


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