[Development] Support for *Notes and UpstreamFiles fields in qt_attributions.json files

Kai Köhne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Thu Mar 9 10:21:55 CET 2023

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> Hi,
> Just to make ensure all options are considered: How about the elephant in the
> room?
> How about "simply" implementing JSONC (JSON with Comments) in Qt's JSON
> parser instead?
> * People wonder regularly when they learnm that there are no comments in
> * JSONC is used by popular software like VSCode and TypeScript.
> * The runtime parsers of PowerShell, .NET, and probably others already
> support
>    it out of the box. For JavaScript and Python there are drop-in libraries.
> * A MIT licensed implementation with examples and tests can be found here:
>    https://github.com/Microsoft/node-jsonc-parser

Supporting this in QJson would be nice, indeed. This could be an additional mode, like described in https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-44226 . 

Anyhow, given that this wasn't high priority so far, I wouldn't like to wait for it. Even if we get such a JSON mod at one point, there is arguably little harm in having the extra Comment field.

So, to wrap up: Let's go for the Comment field, as this fixes the immediate need. Extending our JSON support to allow comments, or even switching to an alternative file system is something we can still consider mid-term.



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