[Interest] Qt 5 worries - A plea for software rendering fallbacks

Frans Klaver fransklaver at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 11:48:52 CEST 2011


On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 11:37 AM, Schimkowitsch Robert
<Robert.Schimkowitsch at andritz.com> wrote:

> I see there's no Qt5-Feedback list up and running, so I'll post here in the
> meantime.

AFAIK all qt5 feedback can go onto the development mailing list now.
It's probably best to continue the discussion there.


> I have really big issues with the "OpenGL ES" decision. I have developed a
> 2D-graphic engine for Windows (kinda similar to GraphicsView in its
> abilities), based on OpenGL.
> Over the years, I had tons of trouble with
> -) Memory or resource leaks in graphic card drivers
> -) Crashes when using Remote Desktop
> -) Drivers only working in single monitor mode
> -) Issues where the graphic output would look different on a certain graphic
> card (an absolute no-go for a technical application that people depend on)
> After battling those issues for several years, I had to drop back to the
> Microsoft OpenGL 1.1 software driver. Fortunately, it isĀ  quite fast enough
> for what I need. It does have it's flaws, but at least I know them and can
> work around them.
> Please, take it from someone who has been trough the fires: Provide a pure
> software rendering fallback, at least for QWidget and QGraphicsView-based
> applications!
> Allow the developer to choose this fallback!
> It makes all the difference between testing the resulting application once,
> or on every graphic card with every driver version a customer might use.
> Which is obviously impossible.
> Kind regards
> Robert Schimkowitsch

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