[Interest] Qt and fixed width/pitch font

Atlant Schmidt aschmidt at dekaresearch.com
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  Two points:

  1. In most fonts, the numbers are designed to all use the
     same pitch so numbers will inherently align. (This is
     isn't true of all fonts, though.) And "+", "-", "$"/
     "€"/"¥"/"£" (etc.), and a few other characters that
     typically hang around with numbers may still give you
     some alignment grief.

  2. If you therefore decide to actually go fully fixed-pitch,
     you should use a font which is actually designed for
     fixed-pitch ("monospaced") operation. If you don't,
     your application will look *UGLY*.


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Qt community I am developing a spreadsheet like program.   As such I
would like to have numeric values line up, i.e., units digit, etc. form
a column.   That would seem to require a fixed width/pitch font.   So I
tried QFont::setFixedPitch(true).   This did not result in a fixed pitch
font.   Any ideas how I should debug this failure or work around it
please.   Thanks for any help.

Carl Schumann

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