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It would be impossible to reestablish TT as it was, or as Nokia had it - not only is it logistically impossible, but the landscape (including open governance) has changed. Clearly there is an opportunity, because there once existed a viable company, but the new company would have to work out it's new role in the community. I would suggest small and iteratively develop it. :-) As for maintaining the CI, yes, that is a challenge, but what are the plans now? Surely Qt won't end up a tar file on a webserver. What are the Qt project's resources?

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On quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012 11.32.29, Jason H wrote:
> Would I?
> I'm no expert at making money, however I think that if there was an
> organization staffed with people who could modify Qt and interested
> companies that companies could contract for the desired modifications. The
> problem is playing nice with the open governance. And you could also offer
> sponsored development projects. Heck, use some crowd funding to
> cooperatively bust through some barriers. True, companies could contract
> directly, but they would have to be more hands-on and if there was a
> company they could centrally manage development so there is no overlap
> during simultaneous projects.

That depends on the size of this company.

Do you want a small company to do some development and keep some level of CI 
running? That requires a certain amount of funds and contracting.

Do you want a company that has all the current developers and marketing and 
community and sysadmin, keeping the CI system at the current level and expand 
it, and continue hiring, and run Qt Developer Days and the Summit and 
everything else? That requires a lot more funding.

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