[Interest] Digia to acquire Qt from Nokia

Bo Thorsen bo at fioniasoftware.dk
Mon Aug 13 14:23:49 CEST 2012

Den 13-08-2012 13:57, Atlant Schmidt skrev:
>    Apparently, the price Digia paid for the rest of Qt was
>    EUR4m (US$4.9m).
>    That's quite a mark-down from the US$150m Nokia paid to
>    buy Trolltech in 2008!
> http://www.financial-news.co.uk/6900/2012/08/finnish-handset-maker-nokia-exits-its-qt-business-at-a-e146m-loss/

What a silly article.

First, the real price should of course include whatever Digia already 
paid Nokia for the right to the commercial licenses.

Second, I'll bet you the cost of using and developing Qt and the Qt 
based phones at Nokia *far* outweighs the remaining price.

Third, the article fails to mention that Nokia ruined every attempt at 
selling Qt at a decent price, when they sold the license rights to Digia.

Conclusion: That article is written by some incompetent financial 
reporter that looked at the two numbers available to him and decided he 
could earn his paycheck without any effort.

The value of what's left of Trolltech - what Digia has now - is far 
higher than 4 mio €.

What I do read in this article, though, is that Digia made a couple of 
great deals combined :)

Bo Thorsen,
Fionia Software.


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