[Interest] Digia to acquire Qt from Nokia

BRM bm_witness at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 15:30:15 CEST 2012

> From: Atlant Schmidt <aschmidt at dekaresearch.com>

>  Still, this may serve as an indication that once a company
>  converts a piece of closed-source software to open-sourced
>  software, that company has effectively thrown away most of
>  the *MONETARY* value of that software.

And that's hogwash.

What's the *MONETARY* value in Qt?

1. Using it in your own products.
2. Selling Services to support it.

If you're only interested in #1, then you're right. But then, you'd never publish the API to start with - you'd want to keep it as a competitive advantage so you'd keep as much as possible under lock and key. But you'll also never realize the true potential of most of what you use to build your own software, or the software itself in many cases.

But if you're interested in #2, then you can't really count #1 as you'd get that anyway by simply continuing to use it with yourself listed as a customer.

So the real value is in #2, which is where all the money is for open source software. That's where developers like Thiago (and others on this list) make their money; and companies like TrollTech and Digia make theirs.


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