[Interest] memory fragmentation?

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
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Well let me explain, on this particular product, it is a 32-bit CPU and application on smart-phone similar hardware (256ram/512flash). The existing application is very table-based (fixed allocation, as rule 3  in the JPL PDF goes), minus a few file handling routines. The files are a few MB in size, but are processed frequently. 

I am replacing the C GUI with Qt GUI which will enable more graphical capabilities with these multi-MB sized files. This is where my fragmentation concerns came in. Currently, the way we used these was on a remote computer, but now these images will be able to be used locally. I'm expecting Qt to increase our mallocs 1000-fold. The good news is other than these files, we can probably allocate once for the GUI.

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> I've got a very long process that I want to protect against this. Switching
> to 64bit is not an option for at least another 10 years.

Nonsense. Any application using a gigabyte or more of memory should HAVE 
SWITCHED to 64-bit a couple of years ago.
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