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Could you please let me know when Qt5 beta would be released as
We are using beta snapshots for Qt5 development from the link http://releases.qt-project.org/qt5.0/beta-snapshots/latest/.

Our Qt5 Beta build on Linux is successful using git. However, we are facing issues
in running sample or example applications.

For Windows xp we are using below steps and getting attached errors:-

Required Software:-

*       Install Recent version of Perl 5.16(from http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads) and installation
location is added to path automatically.

*       Install Recent version of Python 3.2.3 from http://www.python.org.downloads and add installation location to your PATH.

Install TDM MinGW [tdm-gcc.tdragon.net] with g++ version 4.6 or higher

*       Extract the latest Qt5 Beta sources from Beta snapshots http://releases.qt-project.org/qt5.0/beta-snapshots/latest/

*       Set QTDIR= Directory where Qt5 Beta extracted(like C:\Qt\Qt5-Beta)
*       Set PATH= C:\Qt\Qt5-Beta\qtbase\bin;C:\Qt\Qt5-Beta\qtreptools\bin;%PATH%

*       Configure -developer-build -opensource  -no-webkit -nomake examples -nomake tests(Without Webkit)
*       Configure -developer-build -opensource -nomake examples -nomake tests
(Qt should be configured successfully)
*       Perl build
(Qt5 Build should be done)

*       Install latest Qt creator 2.5.2 for windows from the releases.

*       Setup the qmake.exe from Tools->Options->Build&Run->QtVersions.
*       On the right, select add button.

*       Select qmake.exe from QtinstallationFolder\qtbase\bin\qmake.exe

*       Create a new project or import an existing project in Qtcreator to see if the build and run is successful.

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