[Interest] Images not loading under Linux

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 09:11:46 CEST 2012

Some Linux desktops do now allow menus to have images.  Like Gnome, for 
example.  KDE on the other hand does not disallow this, so images there 
will show up.

In general, Qt will only display menu icons on platforms that allow it. 
  Note that there is a reason why some platforms do this; it's not some 
kind of limitation.  It's by design; Gnome users do not ever want to see 
a menu icon, so don't even try to work around this.

On 31/08/12 00:55, Bob Hood wrote:
> I have a small project that has a number of PNG images I use for menu
> entries.  Everything works correctly under Windows.  However, compiling (using
> either the command-line Makefile or Qt Creator) and running the same project
> under Linux using the Qt SDK 1.2.1 displays none of the images.
> I have verified that my .qrc file is being processed and the resulting
> qrc_*.cpp file is compiled into the project.  So, I'm guessing that it's a
> plug-in issue.  I have a copy of the plugins/ folder in the same directory
> where the executable runs, and I have a qt.conf file that points at it.  Just
> to be sure, I've launched the program with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing at the
> 4.8.1 Qt libraries to ensure I'm not picking up some existing Qt installation
> that would consider the plug-ins incompatible.
> Is there a way, at program launch, to see the plug-in loading actions just to
> see if this is the issue?  Or, if I debug the program using Qt Creator, how
> can I verify that the plug-ins are actually being loaded?

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