[Interest] Qt Visual Studio Add-in error when using CMake 2.8

Gerenrot, Mikhail mikhail.gerenrot at stryker.com
Tue Jul 10 20:36:16 CEST 2012

Hi Team,

We have a C++ project that uses QT3. We run CMake to generate the project and run VS 2008 to compile. With CMake 2.6 everything was OK, but now we have upgraded to CMake 2.8. It generates the project, but VS does not compile, it gives Qt Visual Studio Add-in error that says "ERROR: Can't find the Qt version that's associated with this project.".

We really need this upgrade to CMake 2.8 and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance,

Mike Gerenrot, Stryker Corp.
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